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Bringing Directors the best, most interesting casting choices in Texas for over 13 years!

Studio Features, Independent Films, Television Production, Commercial Projects, Industrials, Printwork, Gaming, Music Videos... you name it! We handle both Principal Casting and Extras casting overseeing every production from start to finish.

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Contact Info

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Beth Sepko Casting / Third Coast Extras
1901 East 51st Street
Austin, TX 78723

phone: 512-472-5385
fax: 512-472-5426
email: info@bethsepkocasting.com

What We Do

We are a Casting company providing both Principal Talent and Extras for Feature Films, Television, Commercials, Industrials, Print Ads, and Music Videos shooting in the Texas region. Here is an IMDB link to some of our work.

For Principal casting (speaking roles):

Most auditions are set up through Talent Agents licensed by the state of Texas. We start here because represented talent have already been through a qualifying process, are continually training, and are usually most serious in pursuit of an acting career.

If we do not find what we are looking for through the talent agencies or if a client specifically requests “real people” (as opposed to trained actors), we will go into our files of extras and independents registered with our company to call people in for auditions.

For Extras casting (background & featured, non-speaking roles):

We keep files of photos and information sheets on people in our region interested in doing extra work. No acting experience is necessary to work as an extra and it is not necessary to have an agent.

While we do also book actors who have representation for extra work, most extra work in Texas is non-union or non-SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and, therefore, has no agency fee budgeted. For this reason, we call people directly when booking extras.

For all casting consideration:

There is NEVER a fee to be registered or on file with our company. There is also NEVER a fee collected from the talent or extras for any booking. We are compensated by the production companies who hire us. Which means we only book talent for projects we are casting.

We are NOT a talent agency. We are not actively promoting talent to different production companies. We do not look for work for anyone. We book whomever we choose based on the casting requirements of each specific project. Also, when booked for work, the talent and/or extras become employees of that production company (just like us) and are paid through that company's payroll service. We do not act as employers.

How to Register

It is not necessary to have a headshot to be on file and work with our company. If you do already have a headshot & resume, please send it to our office via regular mail. We need the hard copies on file and prefer not to receive electronic submissions.

If interested in being considered for extra work, please also make sure your phone numbers (home, mobile, and work - if appropriate for you to receive calls there) are included on the resume even if a talent agent is already listed. While we will make agent's aware of our calling talent directly, the pay scale for extra work is generally low and does not include an agency fee. Therefore, we prefer not to ask agents to do this work for us.

If a headshot is not available, a simple snapshot or school photo or polaroid or digital photograph that shows your CURRENT look is suitable. Some directors even prefer snapshots to headshots.

Please download and fill out our Talent Registration Form, attach your photograph, and mail it to our office:

Beth Sepko Casting & 3rd Coast Extras
1901 East 51st Street
Austin, TX 78723


Registered Talent

Registration with our casting company does not guarantee employment, auditions, or meetings. Talent are booked or auditioned based upon the casting needs of each individual production.

All registration forms are kept on file as long as individuals wish to be considered for talent work or until contact information changes and talent become unreachable.

To update a registration form with new photographs due to a change in look (Hair cut/color, Weight loss/gain, or Age - especially with children), we request that a new registration form be completed and mailed in with the new photos.

In updating contact numbers or to change an address, we also request that a completely new set of photos AND registration form be submitted. It is, unfortunately, difficult for us to update individual forms on a regular basis.

Talent Registration Form

Please print, fill-out, attach photo, and mail to:

Beth Sepko Casting & 3rd Coast Extras
1901 East 51st Street
Austin, TX 78723

tel: 512.472.5385
fax: 512.472.5426

The form is available in three formats for your convenience. Right-click and save document on your desktop if you have any problems clicking the links. (Mac users hold down OPTION and then click)

MS Word
Adobe Acrobat PDF

Talent Agents

All Talent Agencies in Texas must be licensed by the state and follow the rules of the Texas Talent Agency Law.

View the Texas Talent Agency Law at: http://www.license.state.tx.us/talent/talent.htm

To check on an agency go to the website of the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation or go directly to the license search: http://www.license.state.tx.us/LicenseSearch?

Talent Agencies are also listed online in the Texas Film Commission's Production Manual: http://www.governor.state.tx.us/divisions/film/tpm